Meet Your Local Apiarist!

After beekeeping as a hobby for over 30 years, Dennis and Judy Walker decided to turn their passion into a Ma & Pa business, High Plains Honey Company. All of their honey is local to the northeast corner of Wyoming. Another bonus is that their honey has all local pollen and enzymes and is produced from non-GMO plants and plants that do not contain systemic insecticides and herbicides. This is because this part of Wyoming has mainly wild clover, wild desert flowers, and alfalfa, which are not row crop type plants and do not incorporate these features. High Plains Honey never medicates their bees during the honey flow for any reason with any type of treatment. All of their facilities are licensed by the Food and Drug Administration and the Wyoming Department of Agriculture. Dennis and Judy strive to provide their customers with pure natural honey, which is raw and unfiltered….just the way the bees make it!